V3 Launch


New Renewable Real Estate™ site features!


Version 3 of our website is live and hundreds of agents have enrolled. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! In case you haven't yet had a chance to see, this 90 sec video explains what's new in our Marketing, Training, and Understanding Commission pages so you can learn exactly how your commissions are calculated. Watch now:

Next Steps:

1. Go to https://Renewable.Realestate, click Partner Login on the top right, enter your phone number and check out all the great new features. (If the system doesn't recognize your number, it will route you to the page where you can Re-Enroll in 30 seconds and get access to our platform.)

2. Connect with your EAM immediately and schedule your Activation Call if you haven't done that yet. Alternatively, schedule a Power Hour with your EAM to begin reaching out to past clients with our pre-written text, email, scripts and social posts.

3. We have launched 2 new states and are now in AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, NV, TX, UT. If you're not located in these states, who do you know in these markets that we should be speaking with?

Big shout out to Janett Valencia of the Gabe Mendez Group at eXp Realty in California, for referring 4 clients of which Renewable Real Estate™ WON 100% of the deals. That's 4 commission checks headed your way, Janett 🙂 It's time for you to get paid twice for doing the work once! Let's take your commissions to the next level!

To your success,

Nick, Paulo, and the Renewable Real Estate™ Team